Tyropita (Cheese Pie)

Tyropita (Cheese Pie)

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Perhaps the most commonly made pie in Greece, tyrópita is a true tribute to feta, Greece's national cheese.

The ingredients are few, so quality is of great importantance. Crumbly, rich feta, pecorino and smoked Metsovone cheeses, mixed with free-range eggs and yogurt create a creamy texture that contrasts ideally with the crispy filo surrounding it.

This cheese pie is made the traditional way, but with a twist: homemade phyllo sheets are carefully layered, filled and then twisted to create an inviting spiral of deliciousness!

The phyllo is made with a flour blend that contains wholemeal organic flours and is fermented for at least 16 hours with our trusty sourdough starter, which makes it tastier and more digestible.


The pie weighs 1.2 kilos before baking and it’s 28 cm/11" wide, which makes for 8 generous portions. Available all year-round.

Allergens: Wheat, Eggs, Milk. This product is made in a kitchen where various nuts, sesame, celery, soya, dairy and eggs are handled. View detailed ingredients, baking and storage instructions.

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