About Melíanthos

Melíanthos comes from Greek méli [honey] and anthós [flower]. It is an award-winning boutique, one-man micro-bakery of a Greek living in Manchester. That’s me!


Originally from Thessaloniki, the second largest city of Greece, I have been lucky to have spent most of my Christmas, Easter and summer holidays at my mountain village, just 15 minutes off the Corinthian Gulf


This exposed me to delicious food made from fresh, natural ingredients and recipes passed on through generations. Whether the food came from my mother, grandmother or aunts, my palate was always thankful. Thanks to them, I developed a great taste and learnt to appreciate handmade meals!


Growing up, I cultivated a passion for technology and computers, in particular, devoting 20 years of my life to building digital products and IT companies. As years passed, I found myself hanging out in the kitchen more and more, cooking and baking delicacies to enjoy with my family and friends. Their praises pushed me to delve deeper, looking to absorb as much information as possible and experimenting until the outcome would surprise and delight those who tasted it.


With Melianthos, we aim to offer you not just great-tasting food, but a memorable experience based on my Greek heritage, bringing together high-quality ingredients with a combination of traditional and modern techniques.


In 2022, Melianthos was honoured with four Great Taste Awards, and 2023 brought two more to our collection. These awards are not just validations; they are milestones on a flavourful journey that I'm thrilled to share with you.


Indulge, delight, and let the adventure begin! 😊

- Argiris