About our unique sourough filo dough

Filo or phyllo (from Greek "φύλλο", literally "leaf" and “sheet”) refers to the pastry layers found in and all-around a Greek pita (pie).

So, what makes our handmade filo dough extra special? Two things: a wholemeal flour blend and sourdough.

Close up of phyllo/filo pie

To make the dough we use just a few basic ingredients: flour, extra virgin olive oil, organic cider vinegar, filtered water and a bit of sea salt. The flour blend contains 25% organic wholemeal flours, which add a lot of nutritious fibre to the dough, but also make the filo crunchier and tastier.

In 2020, Argiris had a novel idea: he decided to add very little of his trusty  sourdough starter to my phyllo dough. He then let it slowly ferment for 16 hours. During this time, the natural yeasts and lactobacilli of the starter converted starches into sugars, which were released into the dough, contributing to a richer, more complex taste. This process, like with sourdough bread, made the filo dough more digestible as well.

He's never looked back, since then!